HOPE City's desire is to see family connections strengthened across our city.

At HOPE City, our desire is to see heart-to-heart connections healed and restored in every family in our community. We are dedicated to offering trainings, community groups, and one-on-one services to provide tools and skills for restoring healthy relationships.

Conflict in families is inevitable, we help families who are in conflict to be heard, find solutions, receive healing and move forward. Families disconnect as a result of addiction, incarceration, domestic violence and other such factors.  

We help families reconnect through:

  • Nurturing Father's Program
  • Family Reconciliation Circles 

Nurturing Father's Program

This is a 13-week group program for fathers who are actively looking to provide guidance, love and support to enhance the development and growth of their children. In this program each father will learn and grow in skills to become a more nurturing father with topics ranging from Self-Nurturing Skills, The World of Feelings, Fathering without Violence or Fear to Fathering Sons/Fathering Daughters, Healing the Father Wound & Teamwork between Father and Spouse/Co-Parent.

As with any of our services you may check the TRAININGS page to see if there is a class or program starting soon or CONTACT our office to speak with someone to learn how you can access our services. 

Family Reconciliation Circles

HOPE City offers help to families that are struggling to connect. No matter the reason for the disconnection restorative practices can help bring clarity to the individuals that come to the circle process. Each member that comes to the circle has an opportunity to speak and an opportunity to listen. With trained facilitators the discussion is able to move from walls and blocks of disconnect and misunderstanding to empathizing with the other that is both honoring and respectful for all concerned. Families can learn great tools, along with listening and speaking skills that can be used in all of their relationships after going through these Family Reconciliation Circles. 


As with all of our services you may check the TRAININGS page to see if there is a class or program that is starting soon or CONTACT our office to speak with someone to learn how you can access our services.